Q.  What is the best way to schedule photos or videos?
A.  You can schedule photos online through our scheduling page or you can call us at 215-934-8427.

Q.  What are the hours for scheduling a property shoot?
A.  During the week, the first available shoot starts at 8:30am and the last available shoot varies depending on the time of year. In the winter months, usually the last shoot will be at 3 o'clock due to lighting. During the summer months, it could be as late as 6pm. We have limited hours on Saturday and are closed on Sunday.

Q.  How much time does the photographer need at a property?
A.  The time needed for each service varies depending on the size of the house. We usually will spend about 30-45 minutes at a property for photos. Video is about 20-30 minutes. 

Q.  Will the photographer move or clean up items during the photo shoot?
A.  Our photographers will turn on lights, open blinds, and possibly move a few small non-breakable items off countertops or bathroom sinks. Other than that, we cannot move items in residential homes. We do not want to be responsible for broken or damaged items that might be caused from moving them. Also, we cannot have our photographers lifting heavy items which might include trashcans, boxes, furniture, etc. For these reasons, we ask that the real estate agent or homeowner be present if items have to be moved for photos. Otherwise the property will be shot as is.

Q.  Can I request special photos of a specific feature?
A.  Yes. If you have specific requests for photos please let us know ahead of time. We can always focus on certain features in a home in addition to the normal photos we take.

Q. How long does it take to receive the photos?
A. Next business day. For example, if your property photos were taken on Monday, you will receive the photos by the end of business (5pm) on Tuesday. If you request a shoot on Friday or Saturday, the Photos will be processed and emailed by the end of business day on Monday. Any video packages will be completed within two business days. 

Q.  How do I receive the photos?
A.  We will send photos the next business day via email. If there any any issues downloading the photos please let us know and we can assist with instructions on downloading them.