Preparing Your Listings for Professional Photography

Alcove Media’s Home Preparation Checklist

Thank you for choosing Alcove Media to be the first impression as your home or listings hit the market. Buyer's are avid online researcher's while buying their home and our products elevate your listings. 

If you would like to download and share this list with homeowners, etc., please click here for the PDF file.

Here is a checklist for you to prepare your home before we arrive:

  1. CLEAN, this is your first impression on the market

  2. Make sure all light bulbs are working

  3. Remove all magnets and papers from the refrigerator

  4. Clean off kitchen countertops

  5. Hide all exposed power cords

  6. Hide toys, place them in boxes so they can be quickly removed from a room

  7. Put toothbrushes and bathroom sink clutter away

  8. Turn off computer and TV screens

  9. Move cars out of driveway


Here are a few things you can expect with our BASIC PHOTO PACKAGE:

  • Appointments normally take appx 30-45 minutes

  • The focus is on main living areas and special features that highlight your home

  • Unfinished areas or closets are skipped, unless specifically requested

  • We will take 30-35 photos of the areas to best show your home

  • We will turn on lights (and turn them back off), arrange window blinds, and move a few small items, if necessary

  • We send the photos to your real estate agent to put online and get buyers in the door!

If you have any questions, please visit our website to see samples at, or reach out to your real estate agent.

You can also call us at 215-934-8427

Thank you for choosing Alcove Media!